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NVOX offers high quality technical service and this is one of the main priorities of the development of the brand. NVOX devices always pass rigorous failure rate testing before geting into the product catalog. Rigid procedures and professional guarding system limits to a minimum service period for partners. We care about high availability of spare parts, and our phone lines are always available to quickly resolve technical problems. Our staff has the necessary experience in the servicing of equipment offered and cares not only about the warranty but also post-warranty repair. You are welcome to contact us, also to technical consultations.


Before contacting our service department please refer to the FAQ section - there are answers to frequently asked questions and solutions to most standard problems.

Service department address :  54-613 Wrocław, ul. Krzemieniecka 79

Helpline is open:  mon.-fri. 11.00 - 16.00
tel./fax. (48) 71-341 23 67
(+48) 517-400-163
(+48) 506-347-064