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NVOX offers high quality technical service and this is one of the main priorities of the development of the brand. NVOX devices always pass rigorous failure rate testing before geting into the product catalog. Rigid procedures and professional guarding system limits to a minimum service period for partners. We care about high availability of spare parts, and our phone lines are always available to quickly resolve technical problems. Our staff has the necessary experience in the servicing of equipment offered and cares not only about the warranty but also post-warranty repair. You are welcome to contact us, also to technical consultations.


Answers to frequently asked technical questions:

1. What can be connected using RCA inputs and outputs in devices?
2. How to correctly connect the power supply to the tuner unit in the car?
3. MPEG4 video playback.
4. RDS key features.
5. FM Transmitter.
6. IR Transmitter.
7. Playing .txt subtitles in players with MPEG4.
8. Why TV has no sound and how to set the sound system to DK?
9. Why TV does not have an image or color, and how to set the PAL video system?
10. Why built-in TV antenna is not sufficient to receive analog TV without interference?
11. Why does the Player can not read data from an external USB hard drive?
12. Does the car antenna receive analog TV signal while driving?
13. What analogue TV broadcasters receive car TVs?
14. Does the TV receives digital programs via DVB-T MPEG4?
15. Is it possible to watch digital TV DVB-T while driving?
16. Why when driving the car DVD player can not display?
17. Why after you turn the car refrigerator with a power absorption are not heard any sounds indicating its operating?


1. RCA - the so-called. "chinch" are inputs or outputs that transmit video and audio signal (audio and video) via RCA cables from or to other device with RCA. Yellow RCA transmit video signals, red and white transmit stereo audio (left and right audio channels).
They are often used with an adapter to so-called input or output "jack" (described on devices "AV IN" and "AV OUT"). If the device has RCA video input (only when it is equipped with a display) we can connect it to any device with an RCA video, for eg. reversing camera, external dvd player, navigation, camera, etc. If your device has RCA audio (only if has the ability to attach external speakers or a built-in speakers), we can connect it to any device that generates audio signal and having RCA audio, for eg. car radio, DVD player, etc.

VGA -, input standard for PC transmitting the image. In addition to computers this typy of input have some DVD players and most TVs with VGA mode.

2. Most standard radios should be connected as follows:
Black cable (often passing through the fuse box) connect with the ground (in the accumulator) labeled GND or Ground.
Red cable is always a power for player, connect it to the ignition +12 V labeled 12DC or "IGN KEY".
Yellow or orange cable (often labeled B + or MEMORY) is used to maintain the unit's preset memory should be connected to 12V.
Other cables is used to connect the car speakers, and additional devices (usually blue to power the antenna or amplifier activation, purple to power reverse camera, green to the subwoofer, etc.
Pink cable with the word "brake" or similar usually occurs as a security for watching a DVD while driving - when you connect it to ground you can "unlock" the ability to watch videos on a device.

3. DivX is a codec (codec - coding and decoding) based on MPEG4 compression algorithms. MPEG4 movies usually come in the form of an AVI file that uses the MPEG4 codec for video and MP3 for audio.
The main advantage is primarily small final file size: 650 MB for medium-length film, which perfectly matches the capacity of a CD-R.
For comparison - the film on the DVD is compressed a different algorithm and takes from 4 to 6 GB. However, please note that this is not lossless - profit as a smaller file for the price of a loss of image quality. Audio Format Dolby Digital or Pro Logic is converted into ordinary two-channel stereo. So you must sacrifice a number of advantages DVD in order to be able to make a copy of it on CD.

4. RDS - stands for "Radio Data System", the radio data system. There is additional information that is transmitted along with the radio program. As a result, we know what we listen to the station, it automatically selects the most appropriate transmitter of the station and there are other features that help use of the radio.

RDS functions:

PS (Program Service Name) - displays the station name (8 characters, displaying several independent subtitles).
PI (Program Indetification) - a four-digit code representing the country and region where suitable station.
CT (Clock Time) - displays the date and time.
UTC - time in the system.
PTY (Program Type) - searches for a specific type of program (eg 16 categories SPORT, EDUCATE, NEWS).
RT (Radio Text) - displays the text in the form of a moving string (64 characters).
AF (Alternative Frequency) - find the strongest frequency on the same network (often in signal nienajlepszego turn off this feature to wyszukało radio programs or climbed over the program on the program).
TP (Traffic Program) - Search stations with traffic.
TA (Traffic Announcements) - Pauses the playback tape or CD, and switch on the receiver during the traffic reports.
EON (Enhanced Other Networks) - extension to other radio networks such as listening to Radio 4, you can hear the traffic from the Radio 1
MS (Music / Speach) - information about the type of program music / speech (rarely used in practice, but available in a number of receivers in cars).
DI (Decoder Info) - information about the type of media (mono / stereo).
PIN - the position number (program code and time of transmission).
RP (Radio Paging) - Paging function (rarely used).
REG (Region) - regionalization (eg news, traffic reports) - Radio frequency does not change during these services.


Some tuners have some of those features (eg, PS, AF, TP), and not all the information are displayed on the built-in decoders (PI, PIN, RP).
To see it you must have a software decoder.

PTY - Subjects
(RDS) NEWS - The latest information, newsletters (eg, RMF FM).
AFFAIRS - Discussions, debates.
INFO - information such as weather (TOK FM).
Sport - Sports Information.
EDUCATE - scientific programs.
DRAMA - theatrical performances.
CULTURE - Programs for culture in the region, religion, sociology, language, theater, etc.
SCIENCE - Programs on the latest inventions, discoveries and achievements of science and technology.
VARIED - General Discussion - music, news, trivia, etc. (RDC Three).
POP M - stations playing the latest hits (RMF FM).
ROCK M - stations playing music of youth, mostly rock (WAWA).
M.O.R M - Vocal music.
LIGHT M - Music easy, light and pleasant.
CLASSICS - Classical music (RNE Classic).
OTHER M - Another music such as jazz, blues, folk, country and REGGAE.

RDBS these subjects is 31 (including the function TEST and ALARM). In the U.S., PTY is totally different (different groups of programs). PI

national codes
The first number (letter): A - Austria, D - Germany, F - Norway 4 - Switzerland, 5 - Italy, 6 - Belgium, Finland, 8 - Netherlands, 2 - Ireland, Czech Republic. PI for Poland is 3. The second number (letter): 1 - International; 2 - National, 3 - number of regions, from 4 to 9 and A to F - regional.
Two others - unfortunately we have no information about them.

5. FM Transmitter - transmits sound to a user-specified FM frequency, allowing to get audio through car speakers of car radio.

6. IR Transmitter - IR infrared transmitter, audio output devices with IR receiver such as: wireless infrared headphones.

7. It is important to name the movie file and txt file with subtitles were identical, so that the system can read the subtitles.

8. Each TV has video and audio systems for the different regions.
For the Polish sound system is "DK" in the picture "PAL". To hear the sound of the TV set in the settings of the system set DK AUDIO SYSTEM.

9. To display picture on TV set PAL system in VIDEO SYSTEM settings.

10. Unfortunately, in Poland we have a weak television transmitters, which does not allow the reception of good quality with built-in antenna. With larger TV matrix is usually smaller built-in signal amplification antenna due to low voltage for TV. We recommend that you use an external antenna with an amplifier.

11. If the description of the device is that it works with a portable hard disk drive, HDD has to meet the following conditions:

- Disk partition or entire disk must you formatted in FAT32,
- The maximum allowed size of the partition or drive - 64 GB,
- If the portable drive is larger than 64GB, create the first partition of this size,
- Regardless of the number of partitions the device will read only the first partition if it is less than or equal to 64GB and is formed in the FAT32 format.

The disk can be connected to the player during its operation. When no disc is inserted into the player, it automatically get the data from the disk. When a disc is inserted into the drive, click on the "Input" or "Source" and select USB menu that appears. The reading time for 5 GB of data on the hard disk from the moment of connection to the display to viewing its contents on the unit display is estimated to average about 5 - 30 seconds.

12. Antena ze wzmacniaczem jest przystosowana do odbioru TV w samochodzie i posiada wzmocnienie sygnału poprzez zasilenie z zapalniczki, co pozwala na odbiór dobrej jakości obrazu. Jednakże przez słabą jakość nadajników telewizyjnych w Polsce, obraz podczas jazdy będzie tymczasowo zanikał bez względu na to, jak mocną antenę zastosujemy. Podczas jazdy na dłuższym dystansie zmienia się częstotliwość odbieranej stacji, co prowadzi do przestrajania (nie mamy na to wpływu). Możliwe jest oglądanie TV w czasie jazdy po obszarze o zmniejszonych zakłóceniach zewnętrznych takich jak autostrady, obszary niezabudowane, blisko nadajników, stacji telewizyjnych o mocnym sygnale (nadajniku).

13. Wszystkie telewizory posiadają tzw. "multisystem" obrazu i dźwięku dla różnych regionów. Stąd mają możliwość odbioru każdej stacji telewizyjnej (przy odpowiednim ustawieniu) dostępnej dla danego regionu - miejsca, w którym się znajdują. Tuner TV znajduje wszystkie stację emitowane w zasięgu odbiornika.

14. Tak, pod warunkiem, iż opis urządzenia zawiera dane o wbudowanym tunerze DVB-T MPEG4. Urządzenie z tunerem DVB-T MPEG2 w Polsce nie będzie w stanie przetworzyć sygnału telewizyjnego. System DVB-T w krajach zachodnich działa w standardzie MPEG2. W Polsce  - tylko w standardzie MPEG4.

15. Tak, telewizja cyfrowa DVB-T umożliwia oglądanie podczas jazdy samochodem, o ile nadajniki sygnału są rozmieszczone w danej lokalizacji. Nie należy jednak oglądać telewizję cyfrową podczas prowadzenia pojazdu ze względów bezpieczeństwa.

16. Większość odtwarzaczy DVD samochodowych posiadają blokadę video włączaną automatycznie podczas jazdy samochodu. Jesli kabel zasilający "brake" najczęściej różowego koloru (w kostce zasilajaćej odtwarzacza) podłączyć do masy, uzyskuje się obejście zabezpieczenia i tym samym odblokowanie sygnału video.

17. Lodówki z agregatem w technologii absorpcyjnej nie wydają żadnego dźwięku podczas pracy. Urządzenie jest całkowicie bezgłośne i jest to poprawna oznaka działania lodówki. Proces chłodzenia jest powiązany z procesami chemicznymi, zachodzącymi wewnątrz zamkniętego agregatu chłodniczego. Temperatura spada wewnątrz lodówki już po upływie 20-30 minut od właczenia zasilania.