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NVOX K10F12/24


- NVOX K10F12/24 -

- approx. 6 times better performance than thermoelectric coolers with 2 times the noise and power consumption
- small dimensions and narrow construction allow you to mount the refrigerator between the seats
- Built-in reliable branded DC compressor with step-up function
- High-quality, high performance refrigerator produced on branded components
- Cooling / freezing temperature up to -18 ° C (compressor), regardless of ambient temperature
- electronic cooling temperature control (thermostat)
- 12V and 24V power supply
- capacity: 10 L (usable 10L)
- handles to carry the refrigerator
- reaches 0 ° C after approx. 25 min

• Modern and powerful DC COMPRESSOR cooling system with soft start
• Cool or deep-freeze to -18 ° C (regardless of ambient temperature)
• Electronic precision temperature control panel
• current temperature in the middle of the display
• cooling system (freon R134a, CFC free)
• Silent and compact dimensions, the compressor has no vibration
• power consumption up to 30W
• Simple operation
• Power Consumption 30W DC 12V 24V
• Power supply from car cigarette lighter 12V or 24V
• Weight: 8kg
• dimensions: width 459mm x depth 210mm x height 320mm